Web design


Web design

We at Pi Studio offer web design for your website, web platform or online store.

We appreciate intuitive design that is consistent and compliant with all the latest methods for a user-friendly User Interface and User Experience in our websites.


One of the most important parts in building a website design is the structure of the elements. If you already have a website and you want a redesign, we will comply with the already established brand and line. In case you do not have and you want to start now, we will be delighted to help you do it with style.

For 2018, Google's statistics show that 52.2% of web visitors are from mobile devices - smartphones and tablets, and the other 47.8%, respectively, from desktop. Ie, another essential element in building the website is the design of a comfortable mobile version.

We can offer you a wide variety of web solutions. Contact us for more information or fill in the inquiry form. This will save us some time and facilitate the process. We are looking forward to help you!