What's the difference between optimization and seo optimization?

Performance optimization and SEO optimization are two different processes that 'work' for the same cause - an adequate search result for your visitors that is provided on a fast-running website.

Performance Optimization includes a variety of processes such as reducing the number of requested page resources, reducing page size, reducing the loading time of each page, and much more. There are different platforms that are used to check the results of your website - speed, page size, number of resources, number of faulty pages (404 pages) and so on. The results below are from our website and are generated by Google Pagespeed Insights (The result on the left is on mobile device while the one on the right is on desktops.)

SEO optimization is a absolutely different process than performance optimization. SEO optimization is responsible for website content and its presentation to the search engines. This type of optimization involves writing search engine optimized text, such as direct content on the website and its pages, or in the form of keywords, descriptions, page titles and so on. Also, this type of optimization involves connecting and setting external platforms like Google My Business, external linking (Link Building), etc.


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